Taekwondo Hawks (Saturday)

Description: Taekwondo Hawks is a family friendly martial arts club for ages 5 and above.First session FREE To book, please call 07775 634501 or email tkdhawks@hotmail.co.uk Event Room: Main Hall Gallery:


Description: Come in every Monday morning for some art’s & crafts as well as a chat with a lovely group of people, all ages and genders are welcome. Event room: Conference suite Gallery:

Friday Bingo

Description: Come along every Friday afternoon for some bingo filled fun from 2pm-4pm. No booking required. Event room: Conference suite Refreshments: Tea & Coffee Gallery:

Writing group

Description: Book now Join the writing group every Friday at 10:00am-12:30pm. Event room: Conference suite Refreshments: Tea & Coffee Gallery:

Pilate’s With Catherine

Description : Book Now Join Catherine every Tuesday morning at 9:30am for an hour of working out your body and mind. ​For further details about Pilates or if you would like to book a class, you can contact Catherine on 07789736868 Event Room : Main Hall Gallery :

DEXIS Silver Movers Keep Fit

Description : Book Now Join Dexi for just £4.00 every Tuesday morning for her ‘Silver Movers’ 50+ keep fit class – 11:30am – 12:30pm Never to late in life to start dance. For further details, contact Dexi on 07530976261 Event Room : Main Hall Refreshments : Water provided Gallery :

Slimming World

Description : Book Now Join Slimming world every Monday evening at 5pm & 6:30pm. Event Room : Main Hall Refreshments : Tea & Coffee Gallery :